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 Security services for your home and office


1. Wireless and hardwired systems.

2. View from mobile devices.

3. Motion-activated alerts to a cell phone


1. Smart remote to control devices

2. Business and Home

3. Any low voltage wiring


1. Same app as alarm and camera

2.Control lights, Garage Door, Thermostat, Door Locks, and more from your fingertips.

3. No Contract.


1. No cost to switch from previous provider

2. Landline service from $15/Mo

3. No Contracts



1. New and existing homes

2. Dustpad and outlets

3. Warranty


1. Indoor and Outdoor theater

2. TV Mounting

3. Surround Sound

Who We Are?

Fayette Security was started by Tommy Thompson, a Vietnam Vet and Purple Heart veteran 25 plus years ago. He began with low voltage wiring and alarm monitoring. It has grown into home automation, surveillance, central vac, home theater, and networking.

While adding these additional services we still offer the lowest prices and NO CONTRACTS!


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Our Vision

Whether you are updating your existing alarm system, switching providers to save money, or starting from scratch, Fayette Security can assist you in any way.

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Why switch to us?


Fayette Security is a locally owned, family-run business that has been operating in this community for over 25 years. Our mission is to provide customers with personal, timely customer service at prices that beat any national provider.

We understand how important it is to keep your family safe. If you are with another security company, we may be able to save you money while providing the same quality of service. Call us and let us offer you another option.


Locally owned and operated family business compared to national services. No automated prompts. Personal service.

Local Monitoring

Locally monitored, which means if your alarm goes off a metro Atlanta operator will respond 24 hours a day.

No Hidden Fees

No hidden installation fee. Most national companies bait customers with a $99 install fee.

What our customer have to say  about us!

Trust. Confidence. Professionalism. Tommy Thompson is the best. He’s meticulous in his work and makes sure the job is done right. I’m so glad to have the latest technology with Fayette Security protecting my family.

Susan Stopford

Fayette Security is the best choice for home monitoring! The service is impeccable, and their products give me a sense of peace that my family is kept safe under the watchful eyes of Tommy and Andy.

Adam Shoemaker

Andy Thompson just put in the Ring doorbell for our home. Great professional service and prompt installation! Tommy Thompson installed our alarm system 24 years ago when we built our home. Great service for 24 plus years!

Robyn Weeman

Frequently Asked Questions



Do you have contracts?

No, we believe that if we provide the lowest cost and best service then we don’t need to force you into a contract.

Can you switch us from our current provider to save money?

Yes, we can reuse most equipment from the previous alarm company and switch it to Fayette Security at little or no cost.

Why use Fayette Security over national Brands?

We are local and provide personal, professional service. We are family owned and can keep our costs lower. Some national brands charge $55 or more for the same service we can provide for $30 less per month. Some do it yourself alarm.systems you can order online are made for beginners…meaning they are lower grade and not meant to last. Our company uses commercial grade and high-quality equipment.

Do you offer services outside of Fayette County?

Yes, we travel almost anywhere in the metro Atlanta area.

Do I need a phone line or internet service to have monitoring?

 No, your alarm can send signals via cell signal to the monitoring station. This can allow you to even get rid of your costly phone bill each month.

Can I save money through my insurance company by having Fayette Security monitor our home?

Yes, insurance companies often give discounts for having your home monitored by Fayette Security.

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