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24/7 Monitoring

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24/7 Monitoring

Fayette Security is a fully certified and insured compamy of more than 25 years. Our monitoring station is local, based out of the South Metro Atlanta area. National brand companies are located in other states(sometimes other countries). Your repsonse time is low and you will always speak to someone that is from your community.


Fayette Security offers cellular monitoring, phone line monitoring, or dual service(both phone line and cellular). Use one easy to use app to view your cameras, alarm, thermostats and more.

Your  Home Monitoring System

Your system’s two-way talk control panel and 24/7 security monitoring ensures Fayette professionals are never more than a button press away


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1. Wireless and hardwired systems.

2. View from mobile devices.

3. Motion-activated alerts to a cell phone


1. No cost to switch from the previous provider

2. Landline service from $15/Mo

3. No Contracts

Smart Home

1. Smart remote to control devices

2. Business and Home

3. Any low voltage wiring


1. New and  existing homes

2. Dustpad and outlets

3. Warranty


1. Same app as alarm and camera

2.Control lights, Garage Door, Thermostat, Door Locks, and more from your fingertips.

3. No Contract.


1.Indoor and Outdoor Theater

2. TV Mounting

3. Surround Sound

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