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Garage Door 

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Garage Door 

Fayette Security can help you control your home from a single touch of your smart device, wherever you may be. This includes your garage door. Forget to close your door on your way to work? Did your kids lock themselves out of the house after school and need inside? No problem, you can command you garage door anywhere you have service from your smart devices.

“Tell” your alarm to disarm when your garage door is opening? Want your doors to lock whenever your garage door lowers? We can help you design your home too so anything you ask it to.



1. Open your garage door from anywhere from your smart device.

2. Works with most garage doors

3. Use on the same app as your alarm.

4. Integrated by giving your app commands on your app. For example, when your garage door opens your alarm turns off and floodlights come on.


1. No cost to switch from the previous provider.

2. Landline service from $14/month.

3. No Contract.

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1. Wireless and hardwired systems.

2. View from mobile devices.

3. Motion-activated alerts to a cell phone.

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1. Home Theater

2. TV mounting

3. Smart remote to control all devices


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