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Tommy Thompson, a Purple Heart Vietnam Vet, started Fayette Security almost 30 years ago. After returning home from service he worked for ATT. About 30 years ago Tommy created Fayette Security as a side business and wired homes for local builders..

 From there Fayette Security has grown into an award-winning alarm monitoring, alarm installation, home automation, camera surveillance business. Through the years Tommy has wanted to focus on making our customers feel like family and offering no contracts, personal service, and low cost. We proudly service our community.

Andy Thompson

Andy has been working part-time for Fayette Security since its inception over 25 years ago. After a 15 year career as a college and youth soccer coach and director, Andy has joined the family business on a full-time basis.

Awsome User Reviews

Adam Shoemaker

Fayette Security is the best choice for home monitoring! The service is impeccable, and their products give me a sense of peace that my family is kept safe under the watchful eyes of Tommy and Andy.


Melissa Parks

My husband and I are thrilled with our new security system with cameras. I research for months before I finally decided to give these guys a call. They were very professional and underpriced all other security companies that I researched. I loved that they are local and I didn’t have to sign any monitoring contract. My husband loved the quality of night vision on the cameras. It’s pitch black around our house at night but you can’t tell that by viewing the camera footage. We highly recommend this local team.


Robyn Taylor Weeman

Andy Thompson just put in the Ring doorbell for our home.
Great professional service and prompt installation! Tommy Thompson installed our alarm system 24 years ago when we built our home. Great service for 24 plus years!